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Bridgestone at EICMA 2017


Bridgestone at EICMA 2017

Five new premium Battlax tyres and innovations for all types of bikers

Bridgestone stand: Hall 24 – Stand G57
Press conference on 5 exceptional new Battlax tyres: November 7th, 17h30

Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber manufacturer , returns for the 75th EICMA International Motorcycle Show in Milan, from 7th to 12th November, with an impressive display of its latest innovations.

The Bridgestone stand is sure to appeal to all types of bikers, as it features no less than five new Battlax tyres in the Touring, Adventure, Scooter and Racing segments.

These new products spring directly from Bridgestone’s continuous development programme, aiming to ensure that bikers always have the latest technologies available to them.
So that bikers’ needs and expectations are fully understood, this development programme is enriched by staying close to end-users – through retail channels, dedicated online platforms, social media and Bridgestone’s involvement at high level of motorcycle sport.

Five new premium Battlax tyres on display for the first time at EICMA 2017:

Battlax Racing R11: the confidence to attack your lap times.
With an awesome mix of Bridgestone racing technology and new construction features, R11 gives supersport and hypersport riders the extra grip and contact feel they need on track to slash their lap times, in a large operating range. With its new variable mono-spiral belt construction on the front, additional GP belt on the rear and tread designed for maximum cornering grip, R11 sweeps in a new era in grooved racing tyres.

Battlax Sport Touring T31: now you can push your limits in the wet!

In addition to boosting stability and handling performance, Bridgestone has developed a new front-tyre compound for T31 with higher rubber flexibility. This enhances the bite “feel” in the wet, giving riders more confidence in tricky conditions. Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is bringing the fun factor on Sport Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions.[1]

Battlax Adventure A41: adventure with confidence, in all conditions.

Bridgestone upgrades Battlax performance in the Adventure segment with the improved wet grip and handling of A41, without sacrificing the mileage of its A40 predecessor. The package features triple-layer compound technology on front and rear, with a cap & base configuration that improves cornering stability. Of particular interest for the majority of bikers who ride Adventure machines on road, Bridgestone tests recorded 8%[2] faster lap times for the new Battlax A41 on a wet handling track demonstrating the extra performances and safety they will get on the road.

Battlax Scooter SC2: the sport tyre for your maxi scooter.

Moving to the urban jungle, new SC2 focuses on dry performance with development based on the same technology as Battlax Hypersport S21. The tread pattern is designed for optimum rigidity, surface contact and grip performance. On the rear, a triple-layer compound configuration gives the best of both worlds – high grip on the shoulder cornering area and wear resistance in the tread centre, for maximum mileage.

Battlax Scooter SC2 Rain: the day-to-day touring tyre for maxi scooters.

Bridgestone has applied the new Battlax Sport-Touring T31 wet technology to SC2 Rain, giving maxi scooter riders a safe, confident ride in changeable weather. Wet performance is enhanced by the higher void ratio in a tread design tuned to balance straight-line stability and sharp handling response. New rubber compounds have been developed offering an exceptional grip feel on cold and wet surfaces.

Join us at the press conference on the Bridgestone stand (Hall 24, Stand G57) at 17:30 on 7th November to discover more about these five new Battlax tyres, meet the team and catch up with other Bridgestone news!

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[1] All comparative statements made are: vs predecessor.

[2] Vs predecessor. Test conditions : Bridgestone Proving Ground (2017), BMW R1200GS LC , 120/70R19 M/C 60V – 170/60R17 M/C 70V.

Media information: Jessica Vandenbruggen: +32 489 10 19 94

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