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Bridgestone at The Tire Cologne 2018


Bridgestone at The Tire Cologne 2018

Premium tyres, retreads and solutions for end-users, dealers and fleets: experience

Bridgestone’s complete offer at The Tire Cologne

Bridgestone, the world’s number one tyre and rubber company[1], will be at The Tire Cologne international trade fair from May 29 to June 1 this year. Renowned for its high-quality premium tyres, retreads and mobility solutions, Bridgestone will demonstrate how its solutions enable fleets to reduce their overall operating costs and dealers to grow and flourish. A selection of the company’s latest tyres – including some that will be making their public debut – will also be on show.

Partner of choice

Bridgestone has become the partner of choice for dealers and fleets alike. This is largely due to the approach taken by Bridgestone: convenient solutions that increase business for dealers, enabling them to flourish and grow in the changing world of mobility, while also ensuring fleets and end-users benefit from lower costs and superior service.

Bridgestone solutions

Total Tyre Care is a Bridgestone solution package that embraces their commitment to reductions in tyre-related costs for fleets of commercial vehicles. Using three simple principles – monitor, maintain and manage – it ensures optimal safety, reduces wear and tear, and lessens all operating costs connected to tyres. Available at the 2,100 member-dealers of the Bridgestone Partner network, this set of tools keeps fleet vehicles operating at maximum efficiency while reducing all related costs.

Fleetbridge, the new end-to-end digital fleet management solution, is tailor-made to facilitate state-of-the-art tyre management solutions to fleets of any size or level of complexity. It facilitates intricate business flows while providing full transparency to fleet customers. If questions do arise, Fleetbridge is backed up with the expert knowledge of Bridgestone’s specialized field and office staff. Fleetbridge is Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) ready and enables mobile inspection and worksheet processing through tablets.

Bridgestone also offers a simple path for fleet managers with everything they need to know about their contracts, the state of their tyre assets or tyre performance. Insights is a simple and convenient way to ensure complete transparency, accessible online and fully flexible to meet any specific need.

As all these systems are interlinked; relevant information or updates from one are immediately made available in the others. A huge win for convenience and a wonderful way to save time.

Maximizing a tyre’s life

It’s a simple concept: the longer the tyre lasts, the more kilometers it travels and the lower the cost per kilometer. Bridgestone will be emphasizing how the use of Bandag retreads has a significant impact on the reduction of tyre cost per kilometre and how they work with the BASys casing management and tracking solution to maximize tyre lifespan, reduce waste, lower costs and deliver safe, reliable environmentally friendly solutions.

Full range of passenger vehicle products

Bridgestone will be putting a part of its wide range of consumer products on show but the spotlight will be on two of Bridgestone’s latest products. The Bridgestone Turanza T005 summer touring tyre delivers outstanding wet performance and fuel economy, combined with high mileage, to give drivers full control in challenging day-to-day driving situations, especially on rainy days. But this isn’t all. Bridgestone will be unveiling a brand new product – one that represents an entirely new direction for Bridgestone – at The Tire Cologne.

Bridgestone’s products for commercial vehicles: for every need and segment

The Tire Cologne offers Bridgestone the perfect opportunity to present a selection of its wide range for commercial vehicles. The Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton brands, as well as the Bandag and Protread retread brands, will all be there. The highlights for truck and buses will include a newly developed range of medium-sized Bridgestone, Firestone and Dayton tyres that will be on display for the very first time. The Bridgestone RW-DRIVE 001, with its winter drive pattern for reliable traction and safe operation throughout the year, will also be given a place of honor. And not just in its original form: the flagship retread for regional application, the Bandag R-DRIVE 001+, which has been built to go the distance, will be sharing the limelight.

Make sure you also check out Firestone’s most recent tractor tyre, the Firestone Maxi Traction 65, as well as the Bridgestone VHS2, a premium Off-The-Road tyre specially designed to provide longer-lasting performance and a better return on investment on tyres for all-terrain cranes.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg … Bridgestone will have plenty more at their booth. All the more reason to head to The Tire Cologne 2018!

[1] Based on 2016 tyre sales. Source: Tire Business 2017 – Global Tire Company Rankings.

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