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Bridgestone selected by Lamborghini as exclusive tyre supplier for Huracán STO supercar
  • Bridgestone has been selected by Lamborghini to be the exclusive tyre supplier of the Lamborghini Huracán STO and deliver custom-developed tyres able to maximise the supercar’s incredible performance.
  • Bridgestone’s ground-breaking virtual tyre development technology improves the efficiency and sustainability of the tyre’s development and testing.
  • The tailor-made Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres helps to bring the Huracán STO’s track-level performance to road users.

BRUSSELS (July 2021) — Lamborghini chooses Bridgestone as the exclusive tyre supplier for its new supersports car, the Huracán STO. Bridgestone has engineered a tailor-made Potenza Sport high-performance tyre to maximize the Lamborghini Huracán STO’s traction, handling, control, and extreme overall performance.

The perfect fusion of technology and design

Bridgestone’s Potenza Sport tyres specifically developed for Lamborghini’s Huracán STO supercar are the result of a new collaboration between two industry leaders. Like the Lamborghini Huracán STO, the custom-engineered Bridgestone Potenza Sport tyres are the perfect fusion of technology and design.

Key to the tyre’s success in maximizing the supersports car’s performance is the combination of pattern and cavity design and the use of the latest state of the art technologies. The Potenza Sport tyres apply an asymmetric tread design for enhanced steering response and cornering stability, and an internal crown structure that distributes footprint pressure evenly when cornering. These features, combined with a newly developed tread compound that enhances grip, help to bring the Huracán STO’s track-level performance to road users.

A new project

Thanks to a strong collaboration with Lamborghini and its virtual development technology, Bridgestone carried out its tyre development process to achieve maximum results in the given timeframe. Bridgestone’s capabilities in virtual tyre development proved crucial to its Potenza Sport tyres achieving outstanding performance, with the tyre manufacturer testing several combinations in its virtual environment and integrating tyre behaviour in the vehicle’s system to find the perfect match for Lamborghini in a virtual driving simulator. This resulted in a process that went from start to finish in a more efficient way and with a reduced environmental impact.

As well as the road-focused, custom-developed Potenza Sport fitment, Bridgestone will also be providing bespoke Potenza Race tyre - a track-oriented, road-homologated version of the tyre that applies “race” technologies to maximize the vehicle’s track performance, especially in dry conditions.

Commenting on this announcement was Steven De Bock, VP Consumer Replacement and OE at Bridgestone EMIA: “It’s been a pleasure for our team to work so closely with Lamborghini for the first time, and on such an exciting project. The Huracán STO is an incredible piece of engineering that deserves a custom tyre that can fulfill its full potential. I can proudly say that Bridgestone has delivered such a high-performance tyre. It has been fantastic for the team to have worked on a project that is at the forefront of technology in so many ways.”

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