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MOVE 2021: Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions Showcase Mobility Solutions to Support Fleet Electrification

  • Sponsors of MOVE 2021, one of the biggest and most important mobility events in the world, Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions are revealing their work to support the adoption of electrified fleets.
  • Webfleet Solutions data has found that 61 per cent of Europe’s commercial vehicles could be replaced with EVs.1
  • Now integrated with a Fleet Electrification Planning Report tool, Webfleet Solutions’ fleet management software, WEBFLEET, is supporting fleets to maximise electrification conversion opportunities.

MOVE 2021: Bridgestone and Webfleet Solutions Showcase Mobility Solutions to Support Fleet Electrification

As part of their commitment to help shape a sustainable future of mobility, Bridgestone EMIA and its subsidiary Webfleet Solutions – Europe’s leading telematics solutions provider – are supporting the adoption of electrified fleets across the region. As sponsors of MOVE 2021, one of the biggest and most important mobility events in the world, both companies are today in London showcasing the work they are doing to address EV concerns among its fleet customers and accelerate the electric future.

Electrified fleets provide operators with savings in fuel and money, and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions. With the growing impetus for electrified fleets comes pressing challenges though; range anxiety and a perceived lack of EV infrastructure are common hurdles to electrification. To alleviate these concerns, Webfleet Solutions supports fleet managers and businesses on their journey into electrification, enhancing efficiency through its data-driven fleet management solution, WEBFLEET.

Shifting to electric

Faced with stricter regulations on carbon emissions and financial incentive schemes encouraging electrification – paired with the increased desire of individuals and businesses to live and work more sustainably – EV adoption is currently a major topic for fleet operators. Webfleet Solutions is enabling fleets to effectively manage the operation of their EVs, help them add EVs to their fleets efficiently and effectively, and minimise the cost of EV charging.

Despite concerns held by fleet operators regarding the viability of adding EVs to their commercial fleets, Webfleet Solutions predicts that the vast majority of cars and light commercial vehicles currently being used commercially across Europe could be replaced by electric models. By analysing anonymised and aggregated driving data from 100,000 connected commercial vehicles on its platform over a 12-month period, Webfleet Solutions estimates that 61 per cent of commercials vehicles in Europe could be replaced with EVs, based on daily driving distance. Furthermore, if those estimated to make the switch to electric vehicles actually do so, their collective petrol usage will be reduced by over 42 per cent and their diesel usage by just over 30 per cent. This fuel saving could lead to a collective reduction in CO2 emissions of 31 per cent.

Identifying opportunities for electrification

While continuing to help monitor and optimise driving behaviours and general fleet operations, WEBFLEET now also offers a Fleet Electrification Planning Report tool. This tool helps WEBFLEET users identify vehicles in their fleet operation that could be replaced by an electric model, and can be used for fleets of all sizes to maximise electrification conversion opportunities.

Through WEBFLEET, fleet managers can gain remote insights into their electric and hybrid vehicles, providing real-time information on battery levels, charging state, remaining driving range and charging times, and identifying where the nearest charging stations are located. WEBFLEET also functions as a planning tool for fleets by giving visibility into when and where vehicles are charged – providing insights to help optimal trip planning based on the suitability of individual vehicle circumstances.

“Webfleet Solutions is not only committed to helping our customers get the most value from their EVs, but also to help them identify the best opportunities to make the switch,” says Jan-Maarten de Vries, CEO of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, speaking at MOVE 2021. “We’re continuously developing new EV features for WEBFLEET in order to smooth the path to an electrified future for our fleet customers. We’re a proud contributor to Bridgestone’s sustainability ambitions and fully integrated approach to make electric mobility more efficient and accessible to drivers and fleets.”


*1 Based on daily driving data from 100,000 vehicles on the Webfleet Solutions platform over a 12-month period.


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