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Truck World 2019

Press Kit

Bridgestone boosts its portfolio of premium tyres and mobility solutions to bring fleets maximum efficiency and convenience

  • In a business and world in rapid transformation, Bridgestone is pioneering premium tyres, technologies and digital solutions to meet the evolving needs of fleets and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Bridgestone presents three new premium tyres in the Truck & Bus segment: Duravis R002 and COACH-AP 001, in addition to the recently launched Ecopia H002.
  • Bridgestone’s expands range of digital solutions and applications, including Total Tyre Care, FleetPulse and TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET.

In a business and world in rapid transformation, global mobility trends are presenting huge challenges to fleet operations. Now more than ever before, fleet owners and managers are under pressure to maximise their productivity and minimise their total cost of ownership. In the face of these challenges, and to ensure that its fleet and OEM partners continue to benefit from maximum convenience, sustainability and efficiency, Bridgestone is transforming from a premium tyre manufacturer to a leader in mobility solutions.

More than ever, Bridgestone is investing in its growing portfolio of premium commercial tyres and digital mobility solutions that are helping fleets overcome the challenges they are facing. Bridgestone announces the launch of two new tyres in the Truck & Bus segment: Duravis R002 and COACH-AP 001, in addition to the recently launched Ecopia H002. These tyres are engineered to lower the total cost of ownership while offering the highest levels of safety, efficiency and comfort.

An expanding portfolio as Bridgestone enters the future of mobility

Population growth, urbanisation and the rise of e-commerce are placing huge demands on the transportation of people and goods; climate change and regulatory pressures are making reduced CO2 emissions a priority; and the growing influence of CASE (connected, autonomous, shared, electric) mobility is forcing the industry to rethink itself. Now is a more challenging time for fleets than ever before.

To help its fleet customers succeed in this time of change, Bridgestone is also transforming itself. Over the last few years, the company has invested heavily in its digital capabilities, and pioneered a range of digital solutions and applications, such as Total Tyre Care and FleetPulse, to support fleets with data-based insights, convenience and maximum efficiency.

Total Tyre Care is Bridgestone’s comprehensive tyre management solution that applies advanced technology and systems to monitor, maintain and manage fleet tyres to ensure optimal safety and reduce tyre-related maintenance costs. Customers can choose from packages that include Toolbox tyre monitoring, Fleetbridge tyre asset and contract management, Basys casing asset management, or Tirematics tyre pressure monitoring and pro-active maintenance. And, as every fleet is unique, all Bridgestone’s tyre management solutions can be customised to individual needs.

FleetPulse is Bridgestone's three-in-one digital solution that gives fleet managers real-time insights into the health of their vehicles, to reduce maintenance costs, increase time on the road and simplify fleet operations. FleetPulse also comes with tyre-pressure monitoring system hardware embedded in the vehicle, ensuring that tyre pressure is optimised and therefore helping fleets to avoid unwanted tyre costs and CO2 emissions.

Bridgestone’s recent acquisition of TomTom Telematics, the number one provider of digital fleet solutions in Europe and third globally, completes its offer to fleet owners and managers. WEBFLEET, TomTom Telematics’ award-winning fleet management solution, supports businesses with real-time information on vehicle locations, insight into driver behaviour, data on fuel usage and the ability to communicate with their team in the field.

Steven De Bock, Director Sales & Operations Commercial Products at Bridgestone EMEA, commented: “Fleets are facing today more challenges than ever before. At Bridgestone, fleets are a priority and we are heavily investing to be the partner they need in this time of change. Our cutting-edge solutions and products are designed to maximise their productivity and minimise their total cost of ownership.

“And while we are certainly on a journey from a premium tyre manufacturer to a mobility solutions leader, that doesn’t mean we are neglecting our core tyre business. Advanced technology tyres are equally as influential in helping fleets overcome the challenges they are facing; which is why continuing to strengthen our portfolio of premium tyres is a key priority for Bridgestone as we enter the future of mobility.”

New premium tyres for maximum efficiency

Bridgestone’s three new products in the Truck & Bus segment: Duravis R002, COACH-AP 001 and Ecopia H002 have been developed, tested and manufactured in Europe, in partnership with fleet customers. The Duravis R002 offers an outstanding wear performance to significantly cut fleet’s operational costs in the versatility segment. Bridgestone’s first product fully dedicated to the coach segment, the COACH-AP 001 offers efficiency and comfort to coach fleets without any compromise on safety. And, the recently launched Ecopia H002 is a fuel efficient tyre engineered to help long haul fleet operations cut their operational costs and CO2 emissions. All three tyre products are fully in line with demanding EU legislations, notably in terms of CO2 emissions and noise.

All three newly launched tyres will be made traceable with electronic tagging system RFID (radio-frequency identification), adding value to customers looking to benefit from connectivity and predictive maintenance on the roads.

Bridgestone’s new Duravis R002 provides outstanding wear life to help fleets cut costs

  • Designed for the versatility segment, Duravis R002 is engineered for all types of on-road fleet vehicles.
  • Cost per kilometre is 15% percent down vs predecessor (average steer, drive and trailer).1
  • Duravis R002 wear life is up to 45% improved on predecessor[1] and offers best-in-class ‘A’ grade in wet grip on steer.[2]

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, has announced the launch of its new ultra-durable Duravis R002 tyres for fleet vehicles. The Duravis R002 is designed to help fleets lower their operational costs by significantly reducing cost per kilometre through outstanding wear performance and optimised fuel efficiency. Designed for the versatility segment, the new tyres are available to all types of on-road fleet operation and deliver outstanding wet grip.

Cutting cost per kilometre

Today, increasing demands on the transportation industry mean that fleet owners and managers need to maximise their productivity and minimise operational costs more than ever. Developed and tested in partnership with 17 fleets across 13 countries and a wide variety of operation conditions, the latest generation of Bridgestone Duravis tyres have been designed to meet these requirements in order to best serve fleet customers.

The Duravis R002 offers a boosted wear life that is up to 45% percent improved on its predecessor1 and a cost per kilometre that is reduced by 15% percent vs predecessor (average steer, drive and trailer).1 And for savings not only in terms of cost, but also CO2 output, the new Duravis provides optimised fuel efficiency, with a B-C-B combination in steer, drive and trailer.[3]

The Duravis R002 are multipurpose tyres for all types of on-road fleet vehicles operating in a wide range of applications, ranging from highway driving to regional roads. Arriving with a best-in-class ‘A’ grade on steer in wet grip2 – and winter ready, with 3PSFM and M+S markings on steer, drive and trailer – the Duravis R002 offers outstanding wet grip and a year-round performance.

Steven De Bock, Director Sales & Operations Commercial Products at Bridgestone EMEA, said: “Fleets are facing more challenges than ever before, and Bridgestone has a responsibility to help our customers overcome them. Tyre wear is one of the biggest concerns for fleets wanting to avoid additional costs. With its exceptional performance, our new Duravis R002 tyre helps them to lower their operational cost.”

Engineered for the future of logistics

As with all new Bridgestone’s truck and bus tyres, Duravis R002 tyres will be supplied with electronic tagging system RFID (radio-frequency identification). With RFID, fleet customers enhance the traceability of their tyre casings, which ultimately helps to optimise their total cost of ownership. The RFID-enabled Duravis R002 tyres are able to work seamlessly with Bridgestone’s customisable tyre management and maintenance service package, Total Tyre Care, to bring significant value to fleets.

The main four sizes of the Duravis R002 will be available as of September 2019, with six additional sizes arriving in 2020. The new Duravis R002 will also simplify Bridgestone’s line-up in the versatility segment by replacing all current products.

Developed and produced in Europe, the new tyres mark a combination of a new innovative pattern concept and compound, and a newly improved manufacturing process.

The Duravis R002 tyres are to be fitted as original equipment on leading vehicle manufacturers, such as MAN, SCANIA, DAIMLER, VOLVO, RENAULT, IVECO, after a thorough homologation testing.

[1] Based on current wear performance internal test results vs predecessors R-Steer001, R-Drive001 and R168. Sizes 315/80R22.5 for steer and drive and 385/65R22.5 for trailer.

[2] Size:315/80R22.5

[3] EU Label in sizes 315/80R22.5 steer & drive and 385/65R22.5 in trailer.